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To Love God, to share His love with our neighbors, and to Serve as the hands and feet of Jesus so all may be Saved.
Our Vision Statement
We will be a bold, generous and compassionate church that produces flourishing followers of Jesus who positively impact our area and world.
Join us in worship Sunday, November 19th at 10am.
The message is “The Day of the Lord: A Message of Encouragement” by Pastor Dennis A. Mehaffie. Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 NRSV. Music by the Chancel Choir. Liturgist: John Varlas. Children’s Message: Mary Tennant.

Sunday School classes and Soul Café Sunday’s at 9am. Classes are available for all ages, children through adult.


Please join us each Sunday for worship in the heart of Moundsville.  We extend a special invitation to all the gas and oil workers and their families. Sunday school and Soul Café begin at 9am during the school year. Worship begins at 10am. Nursery is available during Sunday school and worship.
We are handicap accessible. There is an elevator located on the right side of the church as approached from our parking lot.
The Children’s Christmas Play
Sunday December 17th worship service.
(Details in the coming weeks)
Dear Friends,
On two consecutive weekends in July, parts of our district were hit with devastating floods.
Since then, our Disaster Response Team, the Annual Conference, and the House of the
Carpenter have been working to gather and deliver food, water, funding, information, and
supplies to these areas. Thanks for all your donations of time, gifts, and prayers! We will be
happy to receive donations at the district office as clean-up and recovery continue.
The Northern District has suffered 5 weeks of floods in the past 14 months. Nine of our
communities (Triadelphia, Follansbee, Wheeling, McMechen, Glen Dale, Moundsville, Pine
Grove, Littleton, Hundred) have experienced flooding and its aftermath. It’s reasonable to
assume that these are not the last floods we will ever see. Our churches and congregations
need to be prepared for future events, so that we can bring the love of Christ, as well as our
shovels and our shoulders, to persons overwhelmed by disaster.
What can you do?
1) Get the Early Response Training (ERT). Every pastor should have this basic training, and lay
people…who don’t move away and take their training with them…need trained as well. The
training takes only one day, and you’ll get a shiny badge and a free lunch! We are looking to
hold a training in our district in early 2018. Contact the district office to sign you and your lay
leaders up.
2) Take Spiritual and Emotional Care training. During a crisis, painful emotions and experiences
from the past often surface, and people turn to clergy for help. This training will give you the
tools to be a real help in the midst of turmoil. The Northern District will offer this training in
2018-resolve now to take advantage of it!
3) Make yourself and your congregation’s resources available to your fellow clergy and laity in
affected areas. Pray for them: yes! Donate to them: yes! But also get in your car and go to
them. Nothing beats a hug, shared tears or laughter, the physical reminder of our care and
connection. Be available in the places that need hope…take a trunk load of supplies, some
snacks, and your outline for this week’s upcoming sermon to share.
Thanks again to each of you who have helped in these early days of recovery. Let’s get ready
now so that we can be even more helpful the next time disaster strikes.
Martha S. Ognibene
Simpson UMC
800 7th Street
Moundsville, WV 26041
Church office: 304-845-5080
Email: sumc@stratuswave.net
Website: http://www.simpsonchurch.com/
Pastor Dennis Mehaffie: padmehaffie@yahoo.com